What’s Latest in WordPress 3.9?

7 May 2014

WordPress is the world’s most accepted Content Management System.

Reasons for its huge success are:

  • WordPress is free.
  • It’s simple to install, employ and extend. Content editors and novice developers have a thinner learning curve than similar products.
  • There are themes and plugins to suit every necessity.
  • Being an active community, support and development resources are simpler to get than most software.
  • WordPress acceptance has attained significant mass. Other systems may be prettier or have a more stylish code base, but it’s difficult to suggest an alternative when WordPress is so everywhere.

WordPress 3.9 was released on April 16, 2014. It’s a most important release so your obtainable installations won’t auto-update; you will need to log in and track the update instructions. Plugin and theme inaptness is unusual, but you must back-up and look into further before initiating.

What can users and developers anticipate from version 3.9?

1. Closing the Gap Between Editing and Publishing

Content editing is more sophisticated than previous editions:

  • Images can be dragged to the editor, cropped, rotated, and resized.
  • Gallery previews emerge in the editing window.
  • The “distraction-free” writing mode is responsive and scales to any screen size.
  • Live widget and header image previews are obtainable in the Customizer.
  • TinyMCE has been updated to version 4.0.

Content editors have more sophisticated controls and the expected cutting-and-pasting from Microsoft Word will cause fewer issues.

2. Theme Browser

WordPress 3.9 features a new theme browser which allows you to preview and install new layouts in a couple of clicks.

A strong filter and search form lets you to define a theme to match your mood.

3. Audio and Video Playlists

You are no longer limited to image-only galleries: users can generate their own audio and video playlists within WordPress 3.9. Media files added to the records can be arranged and put in into the page employing a shortcode in the similar way as any other gallery. WordPress will still obtain song cover thumbnails for MP3 files including ID3 tags.

4. Developer Updates

Quite a few new traits have been included for theme and plugin developers. 

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