Google’s Calendar App Comes to iPhone with A Whole New Design

25 March 2015

Milan: After several months of introducing the redesigned Google calendar application for Android, it has released the same app for iPhone. This extensive app comprises some important features like events, scheduling views and many more. It can also turn the emails from your Gmail account into a calendar item; for instance, turning an email about meeting and adding it into your calendar which reminds you of the meeting at the right time. It also serves as a timeline and suggests you about the places and contacts as you make some entries on your calendar.

The app is built using Google’s material design!

The app is built using Google’s new material design which includes all the features that the Google had announced during the app’s launch. The new calendar from Google which is now available in the app store is supposed to work with all the calendars that have been set up on your iPhone; not only on the iPhone, but also on the standard Gmail and other Google app accounts. But the thing is the app has not been optimized for iPad. If you would not mind to use it with a non-consistent experience, you can certainly try it out. Users are not only hoping for a consistent app version for iPad, but also for a Gmail app on iPhone.

Special features of the app:

  1. The most important features are the ability of the app to include events from mails to your Gmail account. Google scans for the emails that hold the information of hotel reservations, upcoming flights and so on.
  2. After detecting the mails, it adds those mails to your calendar (including the confirmation number and other details). In the beginning, you would find it difficult to handle it, but it gets handy as you go on using it.
  3. The app also lets you autocomplete the entries; i.e. when you just type a few letters the app completes it by itself; like title, name, address, etc.
  4. Yet another feature besides the new design is its schedule view as said above. This scrolling view shows all your upcoming events and also the Google tries to exemplify them with matching photos and pictograms.
  5. As the app is drenched in Material design, it lets you create events quickly using the signature buttons. The smooth and bold animations are complemented by maps, contemplative graphics and more. For instance, if you are travelling to Milan, the app recognizes that and will display a picture of Milan skyline in the background of your calendar entry, though it’s not a big deal, definitely it will be fun to see it in action.

With all the above mentioned features, the app offers you a whole new experience on your calendar.

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