Enterprise Mobile Apps – Most Useful Where They Are Least Expected

19 January 2016

Milan: We all know that there’s a great future for enterprise mobile apps, but there’s something which you might not know; i.e. enterprise mobile apps are being most useful where they are least expected.

Yes, recently Byron Deeter, a venture capitalist at Bessemer Venture Partners, said while speaking to a technology media property that Bessemer has already invested on 10 enterprise apps centered companies.

His talk also shed some light on two important and interesting things which are mentioned below.

  1. First thing is that the traction happens often in the areas where you would not expect it to happen. For this, he takes the example of construction industry where people don’t just sit behind a desk but carry a smartphone in their pocket. As enterprise mobility seems to be burgeoning in the construction industry, there’s been a great opportunity for apps to make the lives of employees more productive and easier. Same could be said for lots of other similar industries that don’t fit the enterprise mold.
  2. The second thing is that the apps must be easy to use; if the users can’t understand the product within the first 30 seconds, it fails to build an impact on the user and there are chances of you losing a customer. This approach is entirely different when compared to the enterprise software of past days where the big software rollouts took weeks of support and training. The thing is that you can’t expect the users to embrace your mobility solutions if they are not efficient and intuitive.

By looking at the points above, we can guess that Byron Deeter has the share of both good and bad ideas in the industry and we also tend to agree with both the points mentioned. If you are in an industry that is slow to go mobile, one thing to be careful about is trying to take the path of least resistance. As already discussed, it may be easier to develop apps that just take simple desktop functions and translate them for mobile devices, but experts feel that the strategy is not sustainable.

You just have to think bigger; no matter what industry you are in. You just have to think of improving the lives of your workers by making it easier for them. May it be a health care or construction company; the most successful enterprises are those who can find the middle ground between the two advices given by Deeter. Try to keep your apps simple and they will be easy to use. But you also have to keep in mind that if there’s no clear benefit over doing the same thing on a desktop, the novelty would not last for a long time.

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