Android Studio V2.0 Strikes with Instant Run and GPU Profiler

28 December 2015

Milan: Every app developer will have gone through a phase where they make cluster of changes on their app, rebuilding, running and repeating the same steps again to get back to the point to test the changes they have made on the app. Those days seem to have come to an end with the release of Android Studio 2.0 and some interesting features like ‘Instant Run’ and ‘GPU Profiler’.

Instant run allows you to push the changes from your desktop to an app while it’s running and see the results right away. GPU Profiler is another new tool included in Android Studio 2.0 which makes OpenGL ES development significantly easier.

Instant Run

  • The future was mentioned earlier in the Google I/O conference 2015 but it has been under wraps till now. When the feature is enabled, Android Studio packs up the changes made on the app and pushes it to the emulator or the attached device to be run immediately. Some minor changes on the code can be run in place but sometimes, the code changes require the activity or the whole app to restart; some of your app state can remain intact and this makes you feel that the changes occur seamlessly.
  • This feature will be enabled by default for newly created projects and can be turned on for already existing apps in the project settings. The build scripts must be updated in order to use v2.0.0 alpha of Gradle plugin. As this is very new, it might not be completely stable. As the app processes remain in the memory, it may lead to some complications, so it can be stopped anytime by clicking Stop button on Android Studio.

GPU Profiler

  • GPU Profiler tool is yet another addition to Android Studio which is capable of examining the execution of OpenGL ES execution very closely. The tool allows developers to record the complete session and jump to any frame or texture as and when they need. The feature can be of a great use for developers to expose logical mistakes and discover rendering issues easily.
  • Currently, GPU Profiler will not be installed automatically; it has to be downloaded separately from the tools section of SDK Manager in Android Studio.

The Instant Run and GPU Profiler are the two fantastic additions made on Android Studio. Tools team also states that, it’s just the beginning and there are lot more features to come on Android Studio 2.0.

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