5 Things You Were Not Able To Do On Android Lollipop Can Now Be Done On Marshmallow

16 November 2015

Milan: If you are someone who has placed an order for Nexus 6P or the one who’s waiting for Android 6.0 Marshmallow to reach your device, definitely you will have to know what Marshmallow has got to offer.

Marshmallow is not just a dramatic leap forward; it has come with several useful features you need to know. Of course, Android is not like iOS when it comes to version up-gradations.

Unlike iOS, Google updates its apps independent of OS, which means that there’s nothing much to talk about the update. But still Marshmallow offers several reasons to keep waiting for it.

These are a few things added you can now do on Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

#1. Optimize your battery: Android has always been giving a great liberty for third-party apps to run in the background which has made the apps to misbehave being a main burden for battery life.

So the new Android version aims at fixing the battery issue with a new technology called Doze. Enabling doze puts your phone when it’s idly lying on a table (except for urgent notifications). It completely shuts the background access for the apps that are less used.

#2. Manage app permissions: Marshmallow has also redefined the app permission model. Now the apps ask for permission if and only if it’s required to provide a service. Also, the users will now have an option to deny the permission if they don’t want to grant access.

This is definitely more user-friendly when compared to previous Android versions where you had to grant lots of permissions while installing an app.

#3. Get Now on Tap: Google has come up with a new feature on Marshmallow called ‘Now on Tap’ to dramatically increase the amount of searching you do on your device. Just press and hold the home button of your phone and you will get the suggestions for contextual searches on the screen.

Whether you are on a web page, an image or a message, it just searches for the text pulled out of the page. For instance, if you long press the home button when you are listening to music, you will get relevant YouTube or Google searches. In addition to that, you will also be provided with an event tab showing the concerts happening in your area.

#4. Use a fingerprint as security: Lots of third party manufacturers have been adding fingerprint sensors from quite a long time. But now for the first time in Android Marshmallow, the feature is being supported by the core OS itself. You can now use your fingerprint to unlock your device, make payments on Android pay and so on.

#5. Monitor device memory usage: In all the previous Android versions, Google has been giving more information about the battery usage, local storage and so on. But now in Marshmallow, the details of your device’s memory have also been added.

Just tap on Memory entry in the settings to know the details about memory usage. It also lets you know which apps are taking up the biggest slice of your system resources.    

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