5 Most Common Development Mistakes that Ruin Your App

4 December 2014

Milan: Many development forums and app developers always think of different ways and means to develop an excellent mobile app. Developers are just thinking of creating the most alluring, chart-topping mobile apps which let them attain immediate success in their sector. Of course, one has to think of all those things. But, it is equally important to understand the common pitfalls in the field which lets you do well in the development process.

Here are five common mistakes that ruin your app:

Insufficient platform considerations: Most of the developers make their platform choice based on stereotypes. It’s not at all uncommon that the developers build apps for iOS just because they think earning would be easier on the App Store. This might be true for some cases, but it’s not universal. iOS might have been immensely accepted in U.S, but, Android has been a supreme platform on a global scale, (margins other than U.S). So, if you desire to publish your app in different countries, contemplate on platform selection. If you fail on deciding these things efficiently, you run the threat of restricting your audience.

Thinking of the mobile experience as curtailed web experience: A mobile app is materially different from a website. It’s different in size, functionality and scope. Some people anticipate that their app must do all the tasks as the site does, or else it is less valuable. But this could be farther from the truth. The reason for mobile apps being so valuable is because of their Difference in the functionality. So just before you bound into the development, consider all the things required to make your app unique.

Dropping ball on monetization: There are many approaches for an app monetization which can be mixed and matched in a way that is ideal for your project. You have a lot of time to make the decision. Analyse about monetization soon in the lifecycle of development, and be dedicated on pursuing the right path.

Thinking your app’s going to sell itself: Before starting up with the marketing efforts on your app, it’s so vital that you have to define your audience. Make sure that your app identifies the distinct issues that affect the market, and then start designing the app to tackle those issues. One main thing to do is trying to make an app that gains the featured status on App Store. Even if you do not build your app using new hardware technologies, it’s necessary to give your app the uplift it needs.

Being the beta tester of your own app: It’s not exactly the bugs that matter every time. There could be several other reasons for your app to see the downfall. Your in-app purchases might not have been communicated clearly. Also, the use of advertisements may make the experience feel a bit jolting. It is really tough for you to point these high-level flaws in your own app. More people will test your app; more striking it will be.

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