5 Blogging Apps for Mac that Help You Create Excellent Blogs

15 December 2015

Milan: Blogging can sometimes be a sickening task if you don’t have proper tools to take you through. It’s really distracting to keep almost 10-15 tabs opened while writing a blog. So, the experts suggest making use of software which lets you work even offline.

Of course, it’s very hard to get going without the internet connection, but you will certainly notice the productivity getting increased if you start doing it.

Here we have compiled a few best blogging apps for Mac:

#1. Desk: Desk is definitely a great tool that every blogger has to use once; it offers some mind blowing features that every blogger would love to use. It lets you save the draft in the iCloud Drive which can later be edited from an iPhone or an iPad. Desk is integrated with all the major blogging platforms like BlogSpot, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr, and so on.

#2. Blogo: Blogo is probably the best choice if you are in search of an alternative for Windows live writer (Mac). The tool has undergone numerous changes and was re-launched back in August 2014 and is getting great reviews. If you are blogging on WordPress, Blogo is definitely a tool you would love. As of now, the version supports only WordPress, but it’s been promised that the BlogSpot and Tumblr support will be brought soon.

#3. Snag It: While blogging, you might have faced a situation where you will have to capture a screenshot, edit and resize it before adding it to your blog. ‘Snag it’ can be of a great help in such times! It’s an amazing Mac image editing tool that can take care of all your image editing needs. It’s sure that you will be hooked up with the tool once you start using it.

#4. ImageOptim: A blog post is said to be great if it includes some good images. You need to look into the size of the image before adding it to the blog, do a lossless compression if the image is of a large size. ImageOptim is a great tool that lets you optimize all the image types. All that you need to do is, just drag the image and drop it on ImageOptim workspace; the image will be compressed automatically. 

#5. Camtasia: Video blogging has been a main-stream part of blogging these days. If you are planning to add a white-board kind of video, you can use your smartphone camera or a DSLR. But if you wish to have screencasts, you would need a video app which lets you capture the video, edit and publish it. Camtasia is a best tool available for Mac that lets you do all these things seamlessly.

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