5 Amazing Features You Can See in the New iOS 8.3 Update

23 April 2015

Milan: Apple’s new iOS 8 is releasing as many updates as Adobe Flash and has almost been annoying because of the very frequent updates. On an average it is releasing more than one update per month. However the users are getting something new with each of its update. The new update iOS 8.3 is said to be loaded with some fantastic goodies that would delight iPad and iPhone users.      

Here are the five major features you can see in the new update:

  1. CarPlay gets unplugged: The Apple users having the latest model cars with cutting edge stereos in it will definitely be feeling pleasant after getting updated to iOS 8.3. The new update eliminates the need for a USB to be plugged in to control the car’s music system. CarPlay is now beamed directly from the phone to the car’s head unit and make this feature even more convenient than before.
  2. Siri gets a better tone: With the latest update, iOS has made some refinements on the way Siri speaks. It has given her a pleasing conversational tone which makes you feel good to hear. Though the words used are the same, the subtle touch given with this update makes it sound funny. It has also made some improvements on the pronunciation of the area names in Maps application.
  3. Wi-Fi gets some wins: Apple devices with older iOS versions had some complaints regarding Wi-Fi that the devices disconnect suddenly from the network. With this update, all the older complaints have been rectified along with some new features. It has also brought Wi-Fi calling feature to the sprint customers while allowing them to join T-Mobile subscribers so that they can talk on their phone without wasting their plan’s minutes. 
  4. Family-friendly fixes: Recently, iOS 8 had brought a feature called Family Sharing which allowed users share their data without sharing the accounts. The new update has fixed some issues like some apps were getting launched only on certain family members’ devices and not on all. Also, with this updates users can also set their kids’ phones to filter out iMessages. I.e. the kids can receive messages only from those numbers which are saved in their parents’ device. This is a great way for parents to prevent strangers chatting with their kids.
  5. Plenty of emojis: The iOS 8.3 has added more than 300 new emojis to the keyboard. These emojis let you share how exactly you are feelings with your loved ones. All the emojis are ethnically diverse and it lets you express yourselves in a way you want. Apple didn’t just stop with Earthlings but they have also designed some secret Vulcan salute emojis.

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