News posted in December 2015

Android Studio V2.0 Strikes with Instant Run and GPU Profiler

28 December 2015

Milan: Every app developer will have gone through a phase where they make cluster of changes on their app, rebuilding, running and repeating the same steps again to get back to the point to test the changes they have made on the app. Those days seem to have come to an end with the release of Android Studio 2.0 and some interesting features like ‘Instant Run’ and ‘GPU Profiler’.

5 Blogging Apps for Mac that Help You Create Excellent Blogs

15 December 2015

Milan: Blogging can sometimes be a sickening task if you don’t have proper tools to take you through. It’s really distracting to keep almost 10-15 tabs opened while writing a blog. So, the experts suggest making use of software which lets you work even offline.

Of course, it’s very hard to get going without the internet connection, but you will certainly notice the productivity getting increased if you start doing it.

Here we have compiled a few best blogging apps for Mac:

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