5 Trends to Rule the Web Design Industry in Coming Days

We are almost finishing up the third quarter of 2015 and have come across lots of predictions on web designing. It’s been noted that a few predictions are making a lot of sense being used lately. Getting deeper on the web designing trends, here we have listed a few trends that seem like they could rule the web design industry in the near future.

1. Large Background Images

  • Generally, the users pay much attention to the images that contain some relevant information and ignore those fluffy images which are brought on to the site just to jazz up the web pages.
  • Of course, the stock photos still play a major role in digital communication. May it be a blog, portfolio or an ecommerce store, stock photos are being widely used to illustrate the message they are trying to convey. From quite a long time, web has been abiding the stock photography, but we can now see plenty of websites using large background images; it has become a trend these days.

2. Video Background

  • As we all know, website is a powerful story telling tool. The story can be more effective when it is conveyed through the visuals and motions because the emotions behind the story will be conveyed easily. It seems like the businesses are catching hold of this logic. As the result, we can see many businesses implementing video on their website.
  • The main drawback of this trend is the extended loading time. However, the websites have smartly managed this with beautifully designed loading screens. But the fact is that, the users still have to wait for the complete experience.

3. Personal Branding

  • Personal branding will always be there even if you don’t focus on it. Your actual identity and your image (the way you are perceived by others) are totally different. The main objective of personal branding is to keep the vision and mission aligned so that you will be perceived as you want.
  • A personal picture along with the number of followers ensures people that it is worth following. Having a human behind the organization or brand, makes people trust it; it also helps them in making decisions easily.

4. Mobile First Websites

  • The statistics and web usage patterns cannot just be ignored if you want to be alive in the race. Today, every third website visitor uses mobile devices and if the websites are not optimized for mobile devices, it leads to an unpleasant experience which tends the user to abandon the site.
  • Today there are numerous businesses adopting mobile first approach while designing their website so that they can reach more of the audiences.

5. Modular Design (Grid Based)

  • Modular design or the grid based design is being widely used these days as it is reusable and highly responsive. The tiles stack up nicely on different screens forming a flexible and user-friendly layout.
  • Grid design works exceptionally well for displaying galleries and also for written or multimedia content.

These are the trends that are currently changing the perspectives of people towards web designing and they are also expected to rule the design industry in coming days.

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